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FlashMatrix 1 year subscription

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FlashMatrix  1 year subscription

License-related information

- For software licenses, if you are making your first purchase, you will receive a 1-year license along with the hardware.

- FlashMatrix operates on a subscription basis, and once the license expires, you will no longer be able to continue using it.

- If you purchase a new license through our online store, we will send you the new license via the email provided during the purchase. Please note that you need to provide the laser code on the USB key in order for us to generate the license for you.

- The license is an executable file. Once you receive the license, double-click on it to execute it. Please note that only one license can exist on the USB key at a time, and a new license will overwrite the old one. Therefore, the remaining usable time cannot be accumulated. Please ensure that you renew the license only after the old license has expired. The start time of the license is based on the issuance date and not from the time you receive the license and execute the executable file. We recommend purchasing a new license after the old license has expired.