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  • What is FlashMatrix?

FlashMatrix is an auxiliary tool used for Monolith data recovery.


  • FlashMatrix is software or hardware?

FlashMatrix is a complete solution that consists of Monolith database software, main hardware, and adapters.


  • What problems can FlashMatrix solve?

As we know, the biggest difference between Monolith data recovery and regular flash drive recovery is that Monolith devices require additional work to discover and connect the wire leads, which often consumes a significant amount of engineer's time. FlashMatrix can greatly simplify this process, allowing you to approach Monolith cases with the same ease and efficiency as regular flash drive recovery.
Additionally, the FlashMatrix database includes recovery workflow solutions for current Monolith device data recovery


  • Is FlashMatrix easy to use?

Yes, it is very easy to use. You simply need to filter out the Monolith images from the database that match your case, follow the provided configuration to connect the wires, and click on apply configuration. Afterwards, you can read the chip on your flash reader. Micro-soldering is the only skill you need to master in the entire process. Trust me, with practice, it is not difficult to achieve


  • What types of Monolith does FlashMatrix support?

In theory, our hardware supports all types of Monolith, including but not limited to USB drives, micro SD cards, standard SD cards, MS cards, and EMMC/UFS (test points).


  • Can FlashMatrix work independently?

No, it cannot work independently. You need to purchase and use the adapters we provide, which must be connected to the flash reader in order for FlashMatrix to function.


  • What kind of readers can FlashMatrix work with?

FlashMatrix is compatible with three popular flash data recovery devices in the world: flash Extractor, PC3000 Flash, and VNR.


  • How many types of wire configurations does FlashMatrix have for Monolith?

As of September 2023, we have added over 300 wire configurations to the database for FlashMatrix. We have an additional 1500-2000 wire configurations that we currently possess but have not yet added to the database. More wire configurations will be gradually included in future updates. Adding wire configurations is a meticulous and time-consuming task, and I believe accuracy is more important than efficiency.


  • Can you guarantee that every Monolith case will have a wire configuration in the database?

No, and this can never happen. I cannot provide you with such a guarantee. Monolith technology is constantly evolving, with new devices appearing on the market almost every month. Data recovery engineers typically don't have access to the latest Monolith devices because they are not yet damaged, and therefore we cannot use them to develop wire configurations.


  • Is FlashMatrix the developer with the most wire configurations for Monolith in the world?

While we cannot determine who has the most wire configurations in the world, we have conducted research on this matter. Engineers with 2-3 years of experience typically have around 150-300 different wire configurations, with approximately 200 being the most common ones. Usually, a senior engineer who has been in the field for 8 years will have 500-800 wire configurations.


  • How does FlashMatrix ensure that the Monolith database is the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date?

The developers of FlashMatrix are experienced engineers who have been working in the field of flash data recovery for over 8 years. Our greatest advantage is that our country serves as a global manufacturing hub. Nearly all Monolith devices that emerge worldwide can be found here. Additionally, due to our expertise in flash data recovery, many engineers involved in disk data recovery outsource their flash data recovery tasks to us, providing us with opportunities to encounter a wide range of Monolith devices.

However, that alone is not sufficient. We also establish connections with practitioners in the storage product manufacturing and processing industry to acquire additional resources.

Furthermore, if you possess a Monolith wire configuration that is not present in our database, we welcome you to reach out to us. We are willing to exchange our resources and services, based on our existing capabilities, in order to improve the database.


  • If the Monolith wire configuration I need is not in the FlashMatrix database, can I submit a support ticket to help add it?

We have additional wire configurations that we currently possess but have not yet added to the database. These configurations will be gradually included in future updates. If the wire configuration you need is not listed in the database, you can try reaching out to us. If we have that specific wire configuration, it will be added in the next version update. However, you will need to wait until the next version update to use it. I understand that this model may not provide the best user experience. Currently, we do not have a better solution, but if the FlashMatrix project brings the expected revenue, we will develop a cloud-based database and support ticket system to optimize the experience.


  •  If I have a Monolith UFD/SD/TF adapter, do I still need FlashMatrix?

Monolith UFD/SD/TF adapter is excellent as it is convenient to use, does not require micro-soldering skills, and offers optimal signal integrity. However, it also has significant limitations. It is only suitable for fixed-mode Monolith devices and is relatively expensive due to being a customized kit. The specific tool you choose to purchase depends on your own preferences and the profit you can obtain from Monolith device data recovery business. Here is my suggestion: If you can only choose one tool, FlashMatrix is the best option. If you want a better user experience and based on your business needs, adding a few sets of Monolith UFD/SD/TF adapters would be ideal.


  • Can you provide remote technical support to help me discover new Monolith wire configurations?

I would love to be able to do that, as it would be beneficial for users of our product. However, providing remote assistance to discover new Monolith wire configurations is technically challenging. Currently, we plan to conduct testing with a small group of experienced users who have independently developed new Monolith wire configurations and use the same logic analyzer model as us (DSLogic U3Pro32). Please note that this service is not a guarantee.


  • Components of FlashMatrix

FlashMatrix consists of the main hardware (which can be connected to PC3000 Flash Multiboard Adapter without additional adapters), adapters (used to connect flash Extractor and VNR readers), interchangeable Monolith soldering boards, USB key (license key carrier), Type-C data cable, and Monolith database software.


  • How should I update the software (database)?

We regularly release new database updates, and the new database files will be available for download on our website. The database and software are independent, so in most cases, you only need to update the database without updating the software. However, if we release significant feature updates or bug fixes, you may need to update the software as well. For detailed instructions, please refer to the user manual.


  • System requirements for FlashMatrix

Recommended configuration:
Operating System: Windows 10
CPU: Any X86 architecture (Intel or AMD)
Storage: Available space greater than 10GB
FlashMatrix does not have significant hardware performance requirements. For the operating system, we recommend using Windows 10 as most of our compatibility testing is conducted on this version. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 11 are theoretically compatible as well, but we have not conducted extensive testing on those versions.
Having a high-speed solid-state drive (SSD) can improve the opening speed of the FlashMatrix database.


  • Sales policy for FlashMatrix

For hardware and adapters, we have an online store where prices are transparent, and you can easily obtain this information. The prices do not include shipping and taxes, which may vary depending on your location. When you make the initial purchase of FlashMatrix, it will include a one-year software usage license. Once the license expires, you will no longer be able to use it. Please contact our sales team or purchase a new license from our online store. I do not have plans to offer permanent licenses as it requires a continuous income stream to maintain the competitiveness of FlashMatrix and cover expenses such as company facilities, staff salaries, and research and development costs. We reserve the right to adjust prices if there is a need to expand the team or release significant feature updates.


  • If I have multiple sets of FlashMatrix, do I need to pay multiple license fees each year?

The license is associated with the user, and a single license is linked to an individual user. You only need to pay the license fee for one set, and it can be shared among multiple sets of FlashMatrix.


  • Shipping and Delivery Time

After placing an order on our online store, our staff will contact you. For hardware, we use international express shipping services such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and SF International. Once the shipment is dispatched, we will provide you with a tracking number via email (if available). Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the destination and shipping service used.


  • License-related information(important

  1.  For software licenses, if you are making your first purchase, you will receive a 1-year license along with the hardware.

  2.  FlashMatrix operates on a subscription basis, and once the license expires, you will no longer be able to continue using it.

  3.  If you purchase a new license through our online store, we will send you the new license via the email provided during the purchase. Please note that you need to provide the laser code on the USB key in order for us to generate the license for you.

  4. The license is an executable file. Once you receive the license, double-click on it to execute it. Please note that only one license can exist on the USB key at a time, and a new license will overwrite the old one. Therefore, the remaining usable time cannot be accumulated. Please ensure that you renew the license only after the old license has expired. The start time of the license is based on the issuance date and not from the time you receive the license and execute the executable file. We recommend purchasing a new license after the old license has expired.



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