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auxiliary tool used for Monolith data recovery

You can handle Monolith cases with the same ease and efficiency as regular flash drive recoveries

A universal hardware solution applicable to flash data recovery readers worldwide, featuring the industry's most extensive Monolith pinouts


Very glad to see you've achieved it, from a student's growth to becoming a professional technician. Keep going! Do anything you want to do

My Mentor·Jin

A tool that once acquired, becomes difficult to part with. It makes my work much easier, turning tasks that used to require a lot of effort into simple, few-step processes. It's a highly creative and innovative way of accomplishing things


Since 2014, when we started working on flash data recovery, we have been committed to developing our own monolith pinout. However, up until today, there are still a large number of pinout that need to be developed. Sometimes, when we can't find donors, we have no choice but to abandon the case. It's frustrating because nobody shares their work online, which is terrible since every practitioner has to reinvent the wheel. Now, this will be changed




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