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Adapter for Tsop48, suitable for NAND flash in Toggle/NVDDR3 mode

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Integrated universal DIP48 replaceable socket, customizable power modes. PCBs with different power modes can be quickly inserted and replaced by plugging and unplugging

Different from traditional adapters, this adapter is designed to support NAND flash operating in Toggle/NVDDR3 mode. Such chips are characterized by the first byte of the Flash ID repeating, such as 2C 2C D3 1C. Reading these chips requires modification to the reader, which I have already completed. The modification kit is available in stores (Flash Extractor Reader Low Voltage Modification Patch). The modified reader can read these chips but does not work in read retry mode. Therefore, you need to use this special adapter. It allows these chips to work correctly in read retry mode. Known problematic chips include Samsung 14nm-3DV6 in all MLC, TLC, and QLC variants, Micron/Intel's N28A/B37B/N38A_B/N48/B47R/B58R, and Chinese-manufactured YMTC 3D TLC (JGS/TAS/WDS). So far, I have only encountered these problematic chips in BGA packaging, but it's possible they may also be packaged in Tsop48 or Monolith forms in the future. Therefore, I will attempt to collect chips in different packages for testing, manufacturing, and validating new adapters.The good news is that this special adapter not only supports the problematic chips I mentioned earlier but also is compatible with chips operating in traditional mode. The adapter's PCB layout uses high-speed PCB wiring standards, which result in better reading quality.